So glad that you decided to drop by! Okay, a little bit about me… Simply put, I love Jesus, my husband, Calvin, my family & tacos, in that order.

Life has been…unexpected. I don’t know about you, but things do not always go the way I plan, and I am finally learning that sometimes it’s for the better.

Honestly, I guess that’s why I decided to begin this blog. If I can save someone the time, energy and tears, that I struggled through, it will make it all worth while.

I love having conversations with people, seeing different perspectives is healthy. So, do me a favor, read some of these posts and comment below them. This is an easy platform to let people into my world, but the only way I can see into yours is if you write to me about it. Let’s be blogging friends!


Gentry Lynn

[Gentry has had the opportunity to pursue what she feels called towards and loves; public speaking. If you would like to have Gentry come to speak at your church, event, or gathering, you can email her at gentrylburton@gmail.com. Be sure to check out her previous opportunities by clicking on the “Videos” tab at the top of this blog.]

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